About Us

1201 Hooper Avenue 
Suite 1015
Toms River NJ 08753

44 Manchester Avenue (located next to Lavendar Blue Surf Taco and Playa Bowls) Forked River, NJ

BOHO BEACH BEACH HAVEN, LBI  (hours vary by season) 
325 9th Street On the boat at Schooners Wharf Beach Haven, Long Beach Island NJ 


I grew up at the beach where everybody surfed and my Mom would always take me shopping, in a small woodsy, waterfront town in south Jersey.
At 17 I left for college in NYC and worked in the fashion industry for the last 30 years as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist traveling everywhere including Paris, London and Milan. Throughout that time I styled and was a Celebrity Stylist for clients like The Academy Awards(Oscars), Katy Perry, O, the Oprah Magazine, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Mall at Short Hills, People Style Watch, MTV, Bloomingdales, W magazine, The View, and 100's of others.
Soon after that I started my own beach /city (both sides of me) fashion magazine called BOHO(yep I started this crazy trend back in 2008!) . It was the first ever Aveda Award- Winning sustainable organic fashion magazine that was all about my love of fashion by the beach and of the city. It was sold in 37 countries, Barnes + Noble, Whole Foods, Target and everywhere! Boho became a household name after that. 
In 2017, I started my own fashion handbag company that helped abused women become free, TRADE by Gina La Morte, opened my first store, had a showroom in NYC as part of a sustainable collective, and became named part of the United Nation’s Conscious Fashion Campaign. My Mom who is an artist and home designer  helped me to create our own designs, selling them all over the country. Through out all of these years, no matter where I was, home was always in my heart and I would spend every free moment I had back in the small town I grew up. My beach time was endless and it was the one place that I could always find peace and feel like myself. 

Unplanned, when Covid hit I decided after 30 years of fashion life to leave NYC and north NJ, and move back full time to the beach area I grew up because it truly was the only place I wanted to be. This led me to the amazing God-designed opportunity for my Mom and I to finally collaborate creatively full time and join forces to open our next venture, BOHO BEACH.  In the last month of the craziest year of 2020, we opened our first location brick and mortar store for beach loving fashion babes like us!  BOHO BEACH is for those who can't live without the ocean, want to live that beach lifestyle (even if they don't live there full time) and want to be stylish (but COMFY COZY). It's time to relax, breathe and chill at BOHO BEACH